More often manager than employee, Sonny Rodrigue went a long way in the management world. Along the years and in different professional areas, Sonny was introduced to the concepts of Leader VS Manager and nearly instantly changed his vision. Adept of the teachings taught by John C. Maxwell, Tim Ferriss, Simon Sineck, Napoleon Hill and many more, he is now a speaker, author and coach.

Sonny works to help people ''Go from Dream to Reality'' in every spheres of their lives by giving conferences, writing web articles, doing Mastermind groups and coaching.

Strong, dynamic and a popularizer, Sonny dedicates himself to each cause he undertakes and strives to get the best out of everyone.

Sonny is an inspirational speaker, coach and is also partner with the social business The Tomorrow Thinkers. He is also implicated with the Steve O’Brien Foundation that believes in perseverance in youth and making their dreams come true.

I saw too many people abandon, get discouraged et become vindictive towards life and others and that breaks my heart. I'm regularly adding more tools to continue my life's mission and guide people, in their professional or personal lives, to learn to recognize opportunities that are always available around them.

After all, school seldom teaches us the hidden faces of life. Nobody trains us to see the intangible.

Sonny Rodrigue



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Sonny Rodrigue


Speaker since the beginning of 2018 and part of a professional networking group, I give coaching for both the public and the entrepreneur.

The coaching sessions are a mix of the notions I learned in trainings and my own professional background as manager for many companies. With my client, I identify their expectations, needs and objectives and I help them build an effective action plan to reach their goals.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

- Gandhi